As this will be my last blog for the campaign I wanted to thank everyone for all their support. It has been an amazing experience meeting all the people of Ward 11 and learning about the excellent initiatives that make our City special. I joined Amarjeet Sohi to speak out against domestic violence as part of the Family Violence Prevention Month. So the community work still continues as does my radio show on Radio Desh Punjab. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help out.


Thank you to Asian Vision and Harpreet Gill for the opportunity to send a message to many of my friends and community about the importance of this election. Thanks to Ahsan Khan for the amazing pictures. Please go out and vote either today on the Advance Vote or on Election Day. Have a wonderful weekend.


I hope everyone enjoys the humorous look at the practice of recognizing the sacrifices we all mak. Sacrifice is a concept tied into the intention of working towards making the society we live in a better place for everyone.

Please give to the Edmonton Food Bank if you are attending any of the Eid Functions. We should all be thankful for all that we have. Also, if you cannot give food, please look into providing a donation to any worthy charity, especially those which help families.

Eid Mubarak to all Edmonton families.


I had a wonderful day meeting a new volunteer, Paul Loosley. He has been a great addition to the team and a great sportsman! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Edmonton. Please spend time with family and friends


Please join us at the Twin Parks Community League. 20 Maple Ridge Crescent. We have Pancakes, Chicken Sausages and Samosa! Coffee and Tea and Natural Spring Water. Meet the Candidate and the team.


A wonderful resident of Ward 11 asked me to address issues of development beside the Southeast Police Station. I have looked into it and I wanted to make it clear that while I support growth for the City, it must recognize the value it adds for Community. Any new developments, such as this one and others must ensure that it respects the spaces that are for residents to enjoy. Beside this development is Tawa Park which still has huge space for all the residents. I would hope to see that future projects would have affordability for families as well as other community amenities built into the design phase. If any future developments are in this part and I am your Ward 11 representative I will make sure that at the design phase there is a discussion of value adding for the surrounding community, public consultation as well as full transparency. Also, I would stress that most tax benefits be designated for Ward 11 infrastructure projects.


I want to recognize two very important people to the campaign, both Nusrat and Ahsan have gone door knocking and reached out to all diverse communities of Ward 11. Nusrat as a coordinator of data has been instrumental in making sure we have the information to be an effective team. Ahsan as our campaign photographer has made it his mission to be the coolest person in Edmonton. My gratitude to all the Team for their hard work.


Two of the most dynamic young people on the team. Ayesha is a young medical professional who has been a key spokesperson for the campaign and Shyra is the Social Media Consultant on the campaign. Both are critical parts of the future of Ward 11 and the City of Edmonton.


Amazing Election Forum with a strong team presence. Please check out our pictures on Facebook. We will also be updating our site every day. Please go out and vote on October 21, 2013. Advance Voting starts on October 8, 2013 at Mill Woods Recreation Centre - Green Room. Please contact the Campaign at 7809946895 for any assistance. Also you can email at


Excellent meeting at the University in which many City Council candidates are reviewing the different types of Public-Private Partnerships. Issues that Ward 11 residents. Major issue raised is that private borrowing is more expensive the public borrowing. Need to ensure the best value for our collective funds. Thank you to Dr. Loxley for his presentation. I have attached the route that goes through Ward 11.

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